Gramya Alonso-Barth

Gramya Alonso-Barth is a Facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie

Hi, I'm Gramya

My first experience with The Work, was in March 2000, when my mother had an accident and was very sick, far away in Argentina. Every night I went to sleep with a heaviness in my chest, and woke up the same way. After one session of The Work, I was blown away. That night, as I went to sleep, I looked for the familiar heaviness, and instead there was like a big round hole or emptiness in my chest. And joy pouring out instead. Next morning, as I woke up, again the same--a joy filling me where before there was the painful heaviness. It seemed like a miracle. A couple of days later I jumped in a plane going to LA to do the nine-day School for The Work with Byron Katie. After that, I staffed many schools! I fell in love with the feelings of freedom, peace and joy, that happen consistently when I do The Work.

My life has changed enormously, and I am so grateful to Katie and this simple process. One of the things I like most about it, is that it doesn’t require a master, a teacher, or anybody outside myself. I carry my own freedom and answers inside me, and I can do The Work any time and in any place, as soon as I become aware of something stressful in my life. Just a piece of paper and a pen! And not even that.

I am available to facilitate The Work with you on any subject possible. In my understanding, stressful thoughts are the same in that they bring suffering, no matter what their content. Feel free to contact me by email to arrange a session that can be done on skype, by phone, or in person if possible. I love to do The Work with individuals and also couples. 

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